Painting demonstration, day two

The other day I introduced you to this blog with my demonstration of texturing, pouring the pigments, then finding the horses on the large 30 x 40 canvas.

After letting the India ink dry, I then painted back into the canvas to begin composing the painting.painting day 1 - forms As you will notice I painted around the horses I had drawn and began composing the painting by discovering other horses within the composition and painting around them. We call this “negative painting”. At this stage I was working from the top over to the right hand side. I also began working in the lower sections. Today I worked further around the left side day 2. At this point I am working intuitively feeling my way around the composition as I create it, stopping often to reassess my design and the impact of the colors, changing a few here and there. I like how it’s shaping up as a herd of horses galloping across the landscape. I will continue tomorrow! What do you think about it? Do you ever work this way?

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