New Painting, “New Horizons”

NewHorizons72 I am happy to introduce “New Horizons”, 30 x 40 acrylic and mixed media on gallery-wrap canvas. If you have been watching the development of this from the start, you’ve been following this blog. As you can tell, the lower portion has been altered in minimal but important ways. I had done the watercolor painting as a demo for an art class several months ago and decided to add the liquid gold leaf and some composition gold leaf to “juice it up”. Let’s face it, I can never accept “ho-hum” in a painting; if it makes me say “So what?”, it’s not good enough. Check out more info at

Can you detect what they were? Don’t fret if you can’t see them. Thanks for following along! Oh yes, the new painting is available for adoption for $2600. It is currently on exhibit until October 2014 at the International Museum of Art El Paso. If you like this Horse Series painting and want to view more of my Horse Series, go to “Horses” in the gallery section.


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