Creation of “Spiral Dreams”©

How do I create paintings like “Spiral Dreams”©? Like the others, it started as a texturing process. Using acrylic gel mediums, liquid clear gesso and some small tools, I created the textured surface you see here. textured canvas. After drying the textured canvas in the hot Arizona sun for a few hours, I returned it to the studio and poured liquid acrylics (Free Flow and acrylic inks) over the canvas, blotting occasionally and working it around with scrapers fresh pour. I then waited overnight until the pigments had dried. After noticing a horse head, I started painting a light cream opaque color around it. Of course, I saw another horse immediately to the left of the first one and painted around that too, and before I knew it, there was the completed painting! It took several hours, but I was pleased with the simple statement of the little canvas at Mythical Maids. I’ve named it “Spiral Dreams”, as suggested by a Facebook friend who had been following the demonstration action ac. Introducing “Spiral Dreams”, 10 x 10 acrylic/mixed media on gallery-wrap canvas:SpiralDreams72


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