Creation of a Painting DVD

Coming soon – behind the scenes creation of “Together Again” my new instructional DVD.

Together Again © 28 x 24 acrylic/mixed media

Together Again ©
28 x 24 acrylic/mixed media

What fun we had shooting the videos that are being compiled and edited as I write this! Each day a different stage of the painting was shot with the camera on the painting so you can view the entire process of creation. For instance, the first day we covered the texturing process:

Textured 18 x 24 canvas

Textured 18 x 24 canvas

The following day I poured the acrylic inks and paints onto the canvas and had fun making a chaotic abstract under-painting: freshly  poured painting

After the paint pigments had dried overnight, I then turned the painting surface all four directions to see which format I visualized the most horses and the best compositional beginning. I settled on this horizontal format below and began the process of “seeing”, then drawing in the horse images with my stick and India ink. You will see the two horses I initially saw and described. horses drawn

After the ink dried overnight, I then began the process of “painting out” much of the background color surrounding the horses, Using this negative painting technique to develop the composition of the painting, My Marvelous Maids began to get a feel for the story within the colors and shapes.painting day 1

The second day of painting I was able to complete the painting and sign the work. Most of the work of bringing the painting into it’s own reality took place at this stage. Painting day 2

Check back often to this website as the DVD will be released and available most likely in mid to late January 2015. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me


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